A Marquis for Mary
Book 5
A Marquis for Mary

A USA Today Bestseller

Mary Quinn is almost at the end of her rope. After two years under her sister and brother-in-law’s protection she may soon have to return to her terrible father’s house if she cannot find a husband. But it’s been a fruitless search so far and she cannot imagine it will get better. In her increasing desperation, she bumps into Edward, Marquis Woodley and finds a man who is pulled almost from her every fantasy. Even better, he seems to be just as interested in her. So much so that they are soon thrown into a scandal that leads to an engagement.

It should be the happiest time of their lives, with a future that is shining as gold. But as the pair grow closer and their wedding looms, Woodley’s past and the horrific circumstances of his first wife’s death may keep them from the happy ending that will save them both.

CW: Suicide, Death of a child, Narcissistic Abuse

Released on June 9, 2015
This book is also available in Portuguese: O Marquês de Mary
What Readers Say...

"I think this novella is the crown jewel of this series. This book was a perfect end to this series."

"I highly recommend this story, not only because it’s a well developed, enjoyable, engaging story – it is all of that – but it is also where we get the first glimpse of the next series, The Wicked Woodleys."

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