The Full 100 Book List!

Now that we’ve started the countdown to my 100th book on May 10, 2022, a few people have said…but how? What are all the books? Do I have all the books? Well today I’m going to hook you up with the full list of books under all four of my pen names that make up the 100 books! Be aware, some are not available anymore, I will indicate where that is true. You can also see the same list that starts with my pinned Tweet on Twitter! Here we go:

  1. Secrets, Volume 11 (not available)
  2. Secrets, Volume 12 (not available)
  3. Scandalous (Jenna Petersen)
  4. From London With Love (Jenna Petersen)
  5. Parlor Games
  6. Desire Never Dies (Jenna Petersen)
  7. Everything Forbidden
  8. Seduction is Forever (Jenna Petersen)
  9. Lessons From A Courtesan (Jenna Petersen)
  10. Something Reckless
  11. A Red Hot Valentine’s Day
  12. Her Notorious Viscount (Jenna Petersen)
  13. Taboo
  14. The Lover Hunt
  15. Just One Taste
  16. Another Door
  17. Sin (a collection)
  18. What the Duke Desires (Jenna Petersen)
  19. Nothing Denied
  20. The Unclaimed Duchess (Jenna Petersen)
  21. Married With Zombies (Jesse Petersen)
  22. Flip This Zombie (Jesse Petersen)
  23. Seven Nights
  24. Rogue For a Night (Jenna Petersen)
  25. Almost a Spinster (Jenna Petersen)
  26. Undeniable (Jenna Petersen)
  27. Shambling With the Stars (Jesse Petersen)
  28. Eat Slay Love (Jesse Petersen)
  29. In the Dead, Volume 1 (Jesse Petersen)
  30. A Scoundrel’s Surrender (Jenna Petersen)
  31. The Secrets of a Lady (Jenna Petersen)
  32. The Temptation of a Gentleman (Jenna Petersen)
  33. The Desires of a Countess (Jenna Petersen)
  34. Watching Tessa
  35. An Introduction to Pleasure
  36. For Desire Alone
  37. The Zombie Whisperer (Jesse Petersen, not currrently available)
  38. Her Perfect Match
  39. Club Monstrosity (Jesse Petersen)
  40. Taken By the Duke
  41. The Monsters In Your Neighborhood (Jesse Petersen)
  42. Pleasuring the Lady
  43. Beauty and the Earl
  44. Beautiful Distraction
  45. A Matter of Sin
  46. A Moment of Passion
  47. Wanton Christmas Wishes (not available)
  48. A Measure of Deceit
  49. The Other Duke
  50. The Scoundrel’s Lover
  51. The Widow Wager
  52. No Gentleman for Georgina
  53. A Marquis for Mary
  54. Forbidden
  55. Deceived
  56. Lady Waverly’s Lovers Collection 1
  57. Tempted
  58. Ruined
  59. Seduced
  60. An Affair in Winter
  61. A Spring Deception
  62. One Summer of Surrender
  63. Adored in Autumn
  64. Fascinated
  65. The Daring Duke
  66. Her Favorite Duke
  67. The Broken Duke
  68. The Silent Duke
  69. The Duke of Nothing
  70. The Undercover Duke
  71. The Duke of Hearts
  72. The Duke Who Lied
  73. The Duke of Desire
  74. Silent Night (Tis the Season collection, not available)
  75. The Last Duke
  76. The Return of Lady Jane
  77. Stealing the Duke
  78. Lady No Says Yes
  79. My Fair Viscount
  80. Guarding the Countess
  81. Betrothed by Christmas
  82. The House of Pleasure
  83. A Reluctant Bride
  84. A Reckless Runaway
  85. A Counterfeit Courtesan
  86. The Love of a Libertine
  87. The Heart of a Hellion
  88. The Matter of a Marquess
  89. The Redemption of a Rogue
  90. Mismatched Under the Mistletoe
  91. The Unexpected Wife
  92. The Defiant Wife
  93. The Duke’s Wife
  94. To Protect a Princess
  95. Earl’s Choice
  96. Not a Love Song (Veronica Albright)
  97. Princes Are Wild
  98. To Kiss A King
  99. The Queen’s Man Out March 15
  100. MORE INFO TO COME SOON, Releasing May 10

And that is the list!!