On My Own

Everyone hold on to your hats, this week I’m on my own. I think most everyone knows that five years ago my husband retired from his job in the software industry and began working for me full-time. He manages everything in the business from payroll and taxes to formatting and uploading and all the stuff in between. This means we get to spend a lot of time together, as we both work from home.

People have two reactions when they hear that. Either they are shocked and horrified because they can’t imagine working full time with their spouse or they’re jealous/excited at the idea of being able to do so. For us, it works great! I love having him here and enjoy being able to take breaks, talk about business stuff and hang out whenever we like.

Of course this took some adjustment. I’ve been writing for 18 years now and for 13 of those years I pretty much had the house to myself (not counting the cat(s)). But this week he heads over to spend a few days with his Mom and I am home alone. I expect to act accordingly, thwarting potential robbers with booby traps, singing in my underwear and hosting a raging kegger that my parents will certainly find out about.

Wait, that’s my eighties and nineties movie knowledge showing. In truth, I’ll be writing and editing up a storm on A Spring Deception and One Summer of Surrender, hanging out with a some local friends and by tonight (he left Saturday) I’ll be sniffling in my ice cream about how empty the bed is.

What do you do when you have a few days on your own?