What it's like to work for the best boss in the world

Hi – this is Jess’s husband Mike. I thought I’d take over Jess’s blog for a day to share a little bit about what I do.

Three years ago, I retired from my corporate job at the age of 35. I was only able to do this because of Jess’s success. The first couple years, I did a fair amount of consulting and web projects to keep busy. Then Jess asked me to help her out with her site. After looking around a little, I handed Jess a list of 30 things she should do with her site…and she about started to cry. On that day, I became her ASSISTANT. At first it was part time, but since we’ve gone indie, it’s been more of a full time assistant-ship.

Mike (with a poor choice in facial hair) and his boss at the Ritas...
Mike (with a poor choice in facial hair) and his boss at the Ritas…

I have to say that it’s pretty spectacular to work with the best boss in the whole world. In fact, I wanted to share a few thoughts on what it’s like to have the best boss in the whole world.

  1. We both work hard to get things done. No one will care about her career as much as we do – which means if something needs to be changed, updated, done, formatted, responded to, or anything in between – we stay up late, obsess about numbers, and keep our butts in the chair until it’s done.
  2. No work hours. We both work way more than an average 40 hour a week job – in fact we both find ourselves in the 60 to 80 hours a week… BUT we get to work when we want. It’s nice to be able to take a late afternoon walk or go grocery shopping at 10AM on a Tuesday.

    Jess Michaels and husband/assistant
    We weren’t in the office this day
  3. The smell of bacon. When was the last time your boss made you bacon? I like to work late at night, Jess likes to work early. Accordingly, Jess usually gets up before I do and gets some writing in. Around 8:30, I awake to the smell of bacon.  Smells like… Victory.
  4. She’s distracting. Not in that “let me tell you about this episode of Maury” way – she’s distracting because my office is near hers and she’s super cute typing away. I can see her from my desk chair and… well it makes it difficult to be productive.
  5. We get to do fun stuff.
    Not sure what's happening here
    Not sure what’s happening here
    Road Trip!
    Road Trip!
    Sometimes things get serious
    Sometimes things get serious

    The best boss a guy could have!
    The best boss a guy could have!

Jess, I love you so much!

Mike (Jess’s husband and sometimes/most of the time assistant)