Watching Tessa
Watching Tessa
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Tessa Drew has a successful comic strip that just got national syndication, but she’s not that happy with her life. Until private investigator Jason Wilcox comes into it. But he’s been hired to check out why she’s been using a credit card for a sex-fueled trek through Seattle. After a sexy night, he realizes her identity has been stolen.

Tessa is fascinated by the idea of an Other Tessa with a life so different from her own. She blackmails Jason into helping her follow the Other Tessa and change her own life. But as her eyes are opened to a much more sensual side of the world, she begins to realize that the biggest and best change she’s made is Jason. And he might just be out of her reach.

Released on November 26, 2011
What Readers Say...

"The heat between the H & H was great with steamy scenes here and there."

"It's a delightful story of sexy adventure with a little mystery."

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