To Protect a Princess
Book 1
To Protect a Princess

All of Society is atwitter about the arrival of the Royal Family of Athawick, a small island country with important ties on a tour to celebrate the coronation of a new king. Or at least…that is the reason on the surface for their Season in London. Princess Ilaria knows the real truth: her family wishes to marry her off to a man of title and influence, in order to strengthen their own “special relationship” with the British Empire. The problem is that only one man has caught her eye and he does not fit any of the criteria required in a husband by her family.

Captain Jonah Crawford was part of the Royal Honor Guard that accompanied the Prince Regent on a visit to Athawick two years ago and it was there he first laid eyes on the princess. Since then, much has changed in his life, including a resignation from the position he loved and the undertaking of responsibilities he never asked for. But seeing Ilaria sparks hungers that he cannot deny.

As they continue to encounter each other, sometimes even in shocking places like infamous hells, their desire grows, but so is the danger lurking around every corner. And when Ilaria requires a bodyguard, Jonah volunteers. Will burning passion turn to love? And will love be enough to save them when the worst comes to pass?

CW: Physical Assault (against heroine, on page)

Released on July 20, 2021
What Readers Say...

"I was so swept up in this book and its amazing cast of characters."

"PHEW! Although there were a limited number of sexy time scenes, the ones we got were quality."

"This was a delicious beginning to what I think will be a great new series for this author."

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