To Kiss a King
Book 4
To Kiss a King

Since being crowned King of Athawick after the death of his father, Grantham has been struggling. His beloved but frustrating family seems hellbent on defying his every order, his kingdom may be on the verge of a violent uprising and now even his palace has been invaded by a woman. A very frustrating and surprisingly alluring woman who seems entirely unimpressed by his title and position and challenges him at every turn. One who also hellbent on torturing him with her playful sweetness that keeps him up at night with wicked fantasies unbecoming a monarch.

Lady Ophelia may be the special guest of the newest Princess of Athawick, but her attention is continually and frustratingly drawn to the king. The rude, grumpy, forever-frowning king who can be so dismissive of those around him. What he needs is to be brought down a peg and she is just the woman to do it. If only she can avoid any romantic entanglements that she knows from bitter experience cannot end happily, especially with a man like this.

Sunshine meets grumpy in this clash of wits and passion, but when a dangerous revolution comes knocking this king may have to choose between saving his entire kingdom or the love that is slowly thawing his cold heart.

CW: Emotional Abuse (described), physical assault on page.

Released on January 11, 2022
What Readers Say...

"...their connection is fire, with Jess Michaels trademark sexiness."

"This story is everything that I wanted!"

"I really loved the passion between this pair and how they found comfort in each other over what they've been through in their pasts."

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