Their Duchess
Book 2
Their Duchess

After her loveless marriage comes to an end with the death of her husband, the Duchess of Sedgewick is now heading on a desperate journey to beg the new duke for financial assistance. One she fears will end with requirements she does not wish to fulfill. But when a powerful ice storm strands Anna with her loyal driver, Oliver, and a reclusive painter, Ezra, passions that have long been repressed, as well as new and powerful desires, will come to the surface.

Oliver has been in love with Anna for years, but aside from one anonymous encounter in the darkened hallway of a hell, he’s not been able to be close to her. Nor could he offer her any help, due to his lowly position. So when Ezra offers to pay them to pose for an erotic portrait, he sees an opportunity not only to protect her future, but to experience the passion with her that he’s always secretly longed for.

Ezra has been unable to paint for anything but commission since a terrible personal loss, but Oliver and Anna’s intense connection gives him inspiration…and an intense desire for both of them that quickly becomes undeniable. The threesomes’ powerful passion for each other leads to unexpected deeper emotions and if they can find a way to overcome past hurts and expectations, perhaps they can build a future together on their own terms.

Released on February 7, 2023
What Readers Say...

"Yowza this was hot."

"These were some of the sexiest, warmest, most beautifully described scenes I have ever read."

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