Their Bride
Book 4
Their Bride

Old friends and sometimes secret lovers, Benedict Norfolk and Darrius Warwick have a fraught relationship. Benedict wants more, Darrius always resists. But they are thrown together when Darrius’s brother, the Viscount Warwick, abandons his intended bride, Vanessa Gardner, not an hour before their wedding. They both know a marriage to one of them will be the only answer to save her from the consequences of the viscount’s bitter actions.

Vanessa was rejected before and she knows that this abandonment means utter ruination, and yet she cannot be sad. She never felt desire for the viscount…only a confusing and forbidden attraction to both Darrius and Benedict. So when the men offer her a chance to choose between them, and to indulge herself in every pleasure before she does so…she cannot refuse.

Tangled desires, long-repressed passion and the knowledge that they must soon decide the future collide between these three. But when the unthinkable happens, they will have to determine whether three hearts can make one lifetime, or if one of them will be shut out forever.

Released on January 9, 2024

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