The Temptation of a Gentleman
Book 2
The Temptation of a Gentleman
As Jenna Petersen

After his retirement from his life as a spy, Noah Jordan finds himself at loose ends. He doesn’t wish to marry the lady he’s been courting, he doesn’t want a staid existence in London, flitting from party to party and talking about the weather. He misses the dangerous life that once kept him on his toes and occupied his sharp mind.  So when he’s asked by his former superior to head to the countryside and investigate a potential murder, he jumps at the chance, hoping this will get him out of his funk and back on the path that’s been laid before him.

He doesn’t expect to meet Marion Hawthorne, a young woman his suspected murderer is interested in taking as his wife. Marion definitely doesn’t want to marry the man her father is throwing her at, he makes he entirely ill at ease. When Noah shows up, she’s taken by him, and when she realizes what he’s in the countryside doing, she wants to help. And get closer to the handsome spy whose kisses are so drugging.

But as they grow closer, not only their desire grows, but their connection and the feelings between them. Suddenly Noah has a harder and harder time remembering any duty, any promise or any future he ever imagined without her.

Released on September 24, 2011
This book is also available as part of: The Jordans Collection
What Readers Say...

"I absolutely adore this book in the series. While I enjoyed the first installment in the Jordan series, I do believe you find this one more exceptional than the last."

"A very sweet romance wrapped in a Gothic package. Very enjoyable!"

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