The Return of Lady Jane
Book 1
The Return of Lady Jane

After a surprisingly passionate wedding day, Viscount Colin Wharton begins to believe he could overcome a painful betrayal in his past and truly make more than a mere marriage of convenience with his beautiful new wife Jane. But what he believes to be a shocking betrayal crushes his heart and turns it to stone against her. Believing she will try to twist the truth to her advantage, he sends her away with no chance for explanation, determined to forget her and move on.

Viscountess Jane Wharton has no idea what suddenly hardened her husband’s heart to her, but she has tried to make the best of her long banishment by tending to his estate and being the best steward to his people that she can be. When she secretly returns to London to visit family, she hopes to simply avoid Colin and the heartbreak he could cause all over again. But that is not to be. As the couple reunites in a clash of harsh words and even more heated passions, both begin to wonder if they could overcome the past and have a second chance.

Only a secret lurks that is darker than anything either could have imagined. And they will have to fight to survive, as well as triumph for the love they both so richly deserve.

CW: Violence

Released on January 8, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 1
What Readers Say

"I love reunion stories and this was a great one..."

"The chemistry and emotion between Jane and Colin is obvious, the love scenes are smoking hot and the ending was heartwarming."

"I love Jess Michaels' writing. There something magical to it that takes me away to the period that she's currently working on."

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