The Love of a Libertine
Book 1
The Love of a Libertine

When one of the illegitimate sons of the late Duke of Roseford, Morgan Banfield wakes up in Newgate after a night of debauchery, the last thing he wants to see is the new duke, his estranged brother, waiting for him. He offers help out of this sticky situation, but in exchange Morgan must agree to take on some new responsibilities and try to get his life together by taking on the job of a Man of Affairs for a friend.

Wallflower Lizzie Margolis certainly doesn’t want some illegitimate rogue coming onto her beloved brother’s staff to stir everything up. She’s had enough of heartless rakes after being ruined and abandoned by one years before. But the more she gets to know Morgan, the more drawn to him she becomes. The more she begins to question if he’s all he pretends to be. As well as question what is in her own heart and how to manage her growing desire.

But as the two begin to navigate a tenuous future, Morgan’s past rears its ugly head. If they fight for what they could have, will they win? Or will all that stands between them become an insurmountable wall?

CW: Child Abuse

Released on May 19, 2020
This book is also available in Italian: L’amore di un libertino
This book is also available in German: Die Liebe eines Wüstlings
What Readers Say...

"...such a great start to this new series..."

"Absolutely lovely!"

"I was routing for Morgan and Lizzie at the outset and thought the final conflict was a great addition to the story."

The Love of a Libertine Audio cover
Narrated by Danielle O'Farrell

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