The House of Pleasure
Book 6
The House of Pleasure

Miss Hannah Blankenship’s awful father has finally done what he’s threatened to do for years: arranged an unwanted marriage for her. And she’s certain she knows the man he’s chosen, a disgusting viscount even older than he is! She knows only one way to end this horrible engagement and that is to get rid of her innocence so it can no longer be a prize for her intended. Terrified but resolved, she goes to the notorious Donville Masquerade, looking for trouble. 

Duncan Cavendish is at the hell trying to drink his own troubles away. As the second son of an earl, he has very little control over his future. His brother has demanded he settle down at last in order to inherit and now Duncan is stuck and frustrated. But the alluring stranger who takes him to her bed helps him forget for a few hours…and makes him want even more from her.

But when the next days dawns and Hannah realizes it is Duncan, himself, who is her intended, she is shocked…and filled with a secret thrill she never expected. The two decide to follow through on the marriage so that Duncan may get his money and Hannah her freedom. But their searing attraction may lead to deeper feelings neither prepared for. And leave them both wondering if their mutual insistence to stay at arm’s length is truly the best course of action.

CW: Abuse

Released on November 12, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 2
What Readers Say...

"A sexy, sigh worthy, romantic story of two people who come together in the most unusual manner but are really perfect for each other."

"I just loved this story!"

"Fast-paced read with loads of drama and steam."

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