The Desires of a Countess
Book 3
The Desires of a Countess
As Jenna Petersen

After Ginny Blanchard’s abusive husband died, she looked forward to a more independent life where she could raise her young son as she pleased. But when Simon Webber is assigned as trustee to her estate and her son’s fortune, she feels she must come up with a plan to force him from her life. But she doesn’t count on sensual Simon’s insistence that he not only take a role in her son’s life but in her own.

Simon didn’t really want the duty to his late cousin’s estate, but he is trying to do his best to fulfill it. That Ginny is working so hard to get rid of him only makes him more and more interested in her reasons why. And more and more drawn to her beauty, her strength and the warmth hidden beneath her chilly exterior.

But Ginny has dark and terrible secrets that she must hide. Even from the man she loves. And even if it puts her own life in terrible danger.

Released on October 24, 2011
This book is also available as part of: The Jordans Collection
What Readers Say...

"By far my favorite book in this series!"

"Can't believe how beautifully the author writes these stories. Loved it!"

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