The Defiant Wife
Book 2
The Defiant Wife

Pippa Montgomery never thought her life would go like this. When she found out her late husband was a bigamist and had been murdered, she thought nothing could ever be the same. When she met his brother Rhys, the Earl of Leighton, she knew it. The serious man makes her feel things she knows are not appropriate and she should stay far away from him for both their sakes.

But it’s not possible. Especially when the illegitimate child her husband fathered behind her back needs them. They return to the house she shared with Rhys’s brother, working together to untangle a web of deceptions. And alone together in the small house, they must also fight, for as long as they can, the simmering desire between them that is bound to explode.

Two people, broken by a desperate scandal. They can only turn to each other, but they know they could never have a future. Will they overcome the obstacles in their way and find a way to love one another? Or will the last consequence of one man’s conduct be the loss of a powerful love that could last the rest of their lives?

This book is also available in Italian: La moglie ribelle
This book is also available in German: Die aufmüpfige Ehefrau
What Readers Say...

"A journey of ups and downs and barriers in the way, as true love tries to take root in these two wonderful characters."

"The Defiant Wife was a stunning, emotive romance, with plenty of steam and tons of heart."

"For romantic hearts out there, this book is a must."

Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

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