The Broken Duke
Book 3
The Broken Duke

A USA Today Bestseller

Adelaide Longford is London’s most overlooked bluestocking wallflower and that is fine by her. Being ignored gives her the perfect opportunity to sneak out and secretly take on the persona of the most celebrated actress of the day, Lydia Ford. The thrill of walking the boards and hearing the applause of those who watch her is the most exciting experience of her life.

Until Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield comes into her life. He is broken after the humiliating loss of his longtime fiancé to his supposed best friend and they enter into a lusty affair which sets her body on fire. Graham has no idea why he’s so attracted to both the bespectacled, prickly Adelaide and the passionate Lydia, but soon he is caught in a dance with them both and torn between which future he wants to pursue.

When Graham finds out Adelaide’s secret identity will he be able to accept both parts of her? And will he be able to save her from a lurking danger that neither of them could have ever foreseen?

CW: Abuse (described and on page), attempted rape, rape (described), child abuse

Released on September 12, 2017
This book is also available in Italian: Il duca tradito
This book is also available in Portuguese: O Duque Quebrado
This book is also available in German: Der gebrochene Duke
What Readers Say...

"The Broken Duke is an engaging and entertaining read. I think fans of Michaels, and those that love a layered historical romance in general, will enjoy and appreciate the read."

"I just love this series!! Jess Michaels books are an autobuy for me now."

"This is a good one guys! Nope I should say that this is a great one!"

The Broken Duke audio
Narrated by Danielle O'Farrell

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