Book 3

Cassandra Willows has made a name for herself as one of London’s most sought-after seamstresses—and as the creator of intimate “toys” much beloved in the bed chambers of elite ladies and lords. But her success cannot soothe her guilt and pain over a most devastating betrayal.

Nathan Manning, Earl of Blackhearth, will never forgive the exquisite Cassandra for abandoning him without a word on the day they were to elope. Now he is back in London and hungry for revenge. Armed with scandalous, provocative memories, the handsome, vengeful nobleman blackmails his former lover into a most illicit affair…and reignites the raging fire that once consumed them both.

But by losing themselves in the throes of erotic ecstasy reborn, Nathan and Cassandra are courting gravest danger—vulnerable to a past that threatens to destroy their lives and passion still; at risk from dark, unspoken secrets that are shockingly, perilously…taboo.

Released on April 21, 2009
What Readers Say...

"I love how JM bring these two together after being away from each other so long. This is a fast read. I read it cover to cover non-stop."

"I was almost crying at one point, feeling the pain as if it came off of the pages and wrapped around me. I like the way Ms. Michaels writes, it leaves you breathless and wanting more."

"Cassandra is a wonderful heroine. She is strong, confident, and not afraid to pursue her own interests and pleasures."

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