Stealing the Duke
Book 2
Stealing the Duke

When the Earl of Martingale died, his daughter Marianne discovered a shocking secret. He had been stealing from friend and foe alike all through Society’s highest and mightiest. When she tried to return the items, the backlash only created a bigger misunderstanding and scandal that could destroy both her and her beloved younger sister. Now she’s found one more item and decides to just sneak it back to the victim in the hopes she can keep her disgrace from getting even more out of control.

Alexander Wittingham, the Duke of Avondale, has isolated himself from everyone who once cared for him since his beloved sister died. But when he catches the fetching Marianne trying to return his sister’s stolen broach, her presence awakens desires in him, longings he hasn’t allowed himself to feel in years. When he realizes her dire straits, he realizes he could have everything he wants and truly become the villain he believes himself to be. He makes her a shocking offer that could save her…if she’s willing to surrender her body to him in every wicked way.

Their passionate, powerful affair draws them close physically…and emotionally, to both their surprise. And it begins to heal both of them in ways they never could have imagined at their troubled start. But will broken Alexander ever accept Marianne to be more than merely his lover? If he finally does, will it be too late?

Released on March 5, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 1
What Readers Say...

" and packed full of racy love scenes."

"Jess Michaels never fails to deliver a romantic story and this one doesnt disappoint."

"Such an amazing book!"

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