Seven Nights
Seven Nights
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Five years ago Leah Prescott left her fiancé Sean Dalton’s ring on their kitchen table with only a note of goodbye. Now a travel writer, she has just penned a scathing report on the false promise of fantasy resorts and the entire travel industry wants her head. She gets roped into spending a week at the newest of these kinds of resorts, only to find her former fiancé is the owner. Now trapped on an exotic island for seven nights with a man she loved and left, Leah is bombarded by his fantasies, surrounded by his presence… And left wondering if there could be a second chance for first love.

Released on April 24, 2011
What Readers Say...

"t was a good romantic story....what woman doesn't want to be swept off her feet by a hot sexy man?"

"Their relationship is really hot and to die for. If you love romance don't miss out on reading this book. It's really a great one."

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