Seduction is Forever
Book 3
Seduction is Forever

Master spy Emily Redgrave hasn’t been the same since a night six months ago when she was cut down by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Though she is physically recovered, she’s still haunted by memories of the trauma and regrets for what almost happened. She’s desperate to re-enter the field and regain her confidence. When she’s assigned to follow and protect Grant Ashbury, the Earl of Westfield, she reluctantly accepts, knowing this babysitting duty could very well lead to more advanced cases.

What she doesn’t know is that Grant is a troubled spy in his own right. And he’s just been assigned to follow her by his own superior officers. But as the two chase each other around London, they inadvertently uncover a real case and a magnetic desire that draws them together in shocking, scandalous ways. Can Grant and Emily overcome their past traumas and work together?

And just who is the mysterious Lady M?

Released on September 25, 2007
What Readers Say...

"...Ms. Petersen is going to the top of my "must buy" list. Highly recommended!"

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"Seduction is Forever has everything - romance and passion, danger and suspense - making it hard to stop turning the pages."


"...a magnificent romance that not only captivates, but leaves the reader breathless in this extraordinary delight."

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