Princes Are Wild
Book 3
Princes Are Wild

Prince Remington of Athawick has known one thing his entire life: he is just the spare. His reaction to this fact has always been to go wild and have as much fun as possible. This has given him a reputation as a dissolute rake who is great for a little entertainment, but not exactly dependable. Only now, as his family is changing and expanding, his role is beginning to grate and he isn’t sure what to do next.

Lady Priscilla is in Athawick to attend a royal wedding, but what she really wants is to save herself from a looming future she cannot control and a family who despises her. What better way to fix all her problems than to marry Remi’s brother, King Grantham? After all, the man is perfectly matched with her…at least on paper.

But Priscilla has never been bold, so she needs help to enact her desperate plan. She turns to Remi to teach her how to catch a king’s eye. Except the only eye she seems to be catching is the tempting prince’s and soon they’re caught up in much more desire and connection than either of them ever bargained for. Can a shy wallflower tame a reckless prince? Or will they keep themselves from what could be their own happy ever after?

CW: Emotional Abuse, described and on page.

Released on November 16, 2021
What Readers Say...

"Just loved it from start to finish."

"Remi and Priscilla make unpredictable, fearless and tempting into the perfect recipe for love."

"A very well written, very steamy read which I devoured in two sittings."

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