My Fair Viscount
Book 4
My Fair Viscount

Raised in the rookeries to rabble-rouse and steal, David Shaw never cared about the life of those in the upper crust unless he was lightening their pockets. But now he has just unexpectedly inherited his estranged father’s fortune…and his title. He has no idea how to handle it, for with his rough manners, he will certainly never be accepted by Society. But his cousin offers a solution. One David doesn’t like.

Miss Rose Higgins has a successful reputation as a comportment teacher to ladies of the Upper Ten Thousand and has quietly built herself a small fortune that she wishes to use for a new life. When she’s approached to help the now-infamous new Viscount Shaw become ready for his formal debut later in the Season, she has no interest in putting that reputation on the line…until she’s made an offer she can’t refuse.

Neither Rose nor David expect the instant connection which flares between them from the first moment they lay eyes on each other. Nor are they ready for the intense feelings which bloom from their initial attraction as they get to know each other better. But in the end, they are both bound to propriety and futures that cannot be connected. And there are obstacles in the way that may not be overcome unless they are willing to risk everything.

CW: Alcoholism

Released on July 9, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 2
What Readers Say...

"A delightful romance."

"Short summer read for the beach or pool while on vacation. Enjoy!"

"...a delightful and heartfelt tale of acceptance..."

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