Lady No Says Yes
Book 3
Lady No Says Yes

After crushing disappointments made her bitter, stunning heiress Sophie became known in Society as Lady No because she’s spent the past few years refusing the advances of every suitor. Even though she is sometimes lonely, she tells herself she’s perfectly happy with this arrangement and could live without attachment forever. But when her beloved maiden aunt challenges her to say yes for just one Season, if only to give herself a chance for something different, she can’t refuse even though she doubts the prudence of such an action.

Rowan Sinclair has just had his inheritance unexpectedly stripped and is in dire financial straights. Fearing he might have to give up his budding art career, he is desperate for any solution. When he discovers Sophie’s secret agreement to say yes, he knows he can turn this to his advantage and perhaps save himself, even if he doesn’t feel good about lying to someone he’s always admired.

Their unexpected connection quickly turns passionate and eventually grows into something deeper than either of them ever could have expected. But can Sophie overcome her reasons for saying no in the first place? And when she finds out the truth and manipulations behind Rowan’s courtship, will he ever find a way to prove his heart to her and earn her forgiveness?

Released on May 7, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 1
What Readers Say...

"This was a really great read and I found this series continues to be light and delightful."

"Rowan and Sophie came as a wonderful surprise when I was least expecting it. A small bundle of joy … literally!"

"Jess Michaels is the new Queen of Historical romances."

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