Her Notorious Viscount
Book 1
Her Notorious Viscount

Jane Fenton is certain that her brother is lost in London’s notorious underground, not dead as he has been declared. The infamous Viscount Nicholas Stoneworth has just returned from that dangerous world, where he lived for many years as a fighter. When the innocent Jane approaches the dissolute Viscount for help finding her sibling, he offers her a bargain. If she helps him relearn the niceties of Society, he will use his questionable connections to locate her brother.

Though each believes their part of the bargain is an impossible task, they agree for their own sakes. But as the two begin to work closely together, Jane discovers there is much more to the angry ex-pugilist than Society believes. And Nicholas finds a pillar of strength beneath Jane’s soft exterior.

But Nicholas’s drive to withhold the truth about Jane’s brother may threaten the fragile bond between beauty and her beast. And his triumphant return to society may end any chance they have of ever being together.

Released on March 31, 2009
What Readers Say...

"This is a fantastic story... Jenna Petersen's best book to date."

"Suffice to say, if you like bad boys, Cinderella makeover themes, smokin' hot men, searingly hot looks and naughty innuendos cast by your hero, this one's got your name on it. In glitter."

"...an engaging, tender story...one of my favorites by Ms. Petersen"

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