Her Favorite Duke
Book 2
Her Favorite Duke

Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood has been in love with Margaret Rylon for years, since they were barely more than children. There is only one thing standing between them: her fiancé, who also happens to be his best friend. He is desperate not to destroy everything in his life by giving in to his desires, but when Meg and Simon are trapped alone together overnight during a storm, the resulting scandal not only breaks Meg’s existing engagement, but forces Simon to offer for her instead.

Margaret is sorry to have hurt her family and her former fiancé, but all she’s ever wanted was Simon…and now she has him. Her determination to make a happy life with him is only heightened once they fully submit to the passions that have long dwelled beneath the surface. But once they’re married, Simon may give her his body, but he continues to withhold his heart out of intense guilt and deep fear of what a connection to her may expose.

And if he doesn’t learn to fight for her soon, they both may lose a chance at happiness.

CW: Parental neglect, parental death, alcoholism

Released on June 6, 2017
This book is also available in Italian: Un duca da scegliere
This book is also available in Portuguese: Meu Duque Favorito
This book is also available in German: Ihr Lieblingsduke
What Readers Say...

"There isn't a single Jess Michaels book I don't love. You always feel with the leads - through pain and passion. Amazing!"

"...a compelling read deftly executed..."

"Her Favorite Duke is my favorite so far. Jess Michaels can write a wonderful historical romance that just keeps you hooked."

Her Favorite Duke Audio cover
Narrated by Danielle O'Farrell

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