Guarding the Countess
Book 5
Guarding the Countess

Naomi Barnaby’s husband, the Earl of Walridge, just died under mysterious circumstances. Worse, this is her third husband to do so in just a handful of years. Uneasy with what that could mean, she wants to know if the men in her life were murdered or if she’s simply desperately unlucky. She hires renowned (and entirely too handsome) investigators Captain Marcus Ridgeway and Everett Bryant, Marquess of Glenmarrow to look into the matter on her behalf.

When the alluring Naomi is attacked in their very driveway, Marcus and Everett decide to take a far more personal interest in protecting her and uncovering who killed the men in her life. With danger and high emotions at their peak, desire becomes undeniable. Soon the three are involved in an intense affair that challenges feelings between each member of their steamy triad.

But the intense shared history between Marcus and Everett is something that cannot be ignored if they are to build anything of value with the countess. And those threatening Naomi’s life may not be satisfied with only killing her husbands anymore. Will everything the three could mean to each other and the unique future they long to build in each other’s arms be destroyed before it has a chance to come to fruition?

Released on September 3, 2019
This book is also available as part of: The Scandal Sheet Collection: Volume 2
What Readers Say...

"Sizzling, scintillating, sensual seriously scorching story I could not put down once I started."

"Though all the other installments in this series are rather steamy, this one takes the cake. Seriously, we're talking cold showers here!"

"WOW, WOW AND WOW. How so much heat could be packed into so few pages is beyond my comprehension but it was definitely done in this book!"

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