Earl’s Choice
Book 2
Earl's Choice

Thomas, the Earl of Bramwell, has one duty: to repair his family’s fallen fortunes by marrying Princess Ilaria of Athawick. It’s not something he looks forward to, but he is resigned to it and it seems the princess is equally unenthusiastic. Everything changes when he meets her body double, Sasha Killick. His life is immediately turned upside down by the beautiful woman who catches his attention far more than any princess.

Sasha is an adopted daughter of the royal family, but she’s always felt on the outside looking in on her family. Because of how similar they look, she does what is required to help protect the princess, which is how she finds herself out on a terrace with Thomas. Now her head is spinning. This is the man intended for a woman she considers her sister. She cannot betray someone she loves, even if Thomas does make her heart flutter.

An immediate attraction begins to build to a love that can never be. But when Sasha’s life is endangered by people seeking to harm Ilaria, Thomas must decide if he’s willing to lose the woman who has altered his existence in every way that matters.

CW: assault (on page), parental death (described not on page)

Released on September 21, 2021
What Readers Say...

"Sensual. Suspenseful. Mesmerizing. Prepare to be swept away."

"This author, this story, these characters provided me with a wonderful way to spend the day."

"I adored this book and this series. I’m in love with Jess Michaels´ writing and every book from her is a beautiful surprise."

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