Desire Never Dies
Book 2
Desire Never Dies

Shy, intelligent widow Anastasia Whittig is really a Lady Spy in name only. Though she invents important items and decodes evidence, she’s hardly ventured into the field and keeps herself wrapped in a shroud of mourning for her late husband. She’s perfectly content to continue her sheltered life, but when one of her best friends is shot, she is forced into service at the side of Lucas Tyler.

Lucas is a daring, talented spy,¬†driven to solve the case of attacks on his fellow agents. He doesn’t want any help, and certainly not from Ana. But as the two edge ever closer to the disturbing truth, they cannot keep from developing a grudging respect for each other. And they cannot ignore the undeniable desire that threatens to change both their worlds.

Released on December 26, 2006
What Readers Say...

"Passion, peril and a dash of insouciant humor are the primary ingredients in Jenna Petersen's sexy, amusing Desire Never Dies."

John Charles

The Chicago Tribune

"...entertaining and sensual... it's Petersen's ability to pass on through prose and dialogue her own joy in writing the novel that makes her romances very good, and oh, so much fun to read."

Michelle Buonfiglio


An A-#1 plot, wonderfully written characters and hot steamy love scenes, what more could you want in your romance?"

A Romance Review

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