Book 2
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Josie Westfall spent a lifetime feeling alone and bullied and an unfortunate incident involving her best friend’s brother, Evan, only made things worse. Still, when she and her mother are invited to the wedding he will be attending, they can’t exactly refuse. She hopes to avoid him, but instead they are thrown together and she is shocked to find that she actually begins to like the man she’s thought of as an enemy for years.

Evan has always felt terrible about what he said to Josie years before, but he’s never quite been able to make it up to her. Once they spend time together, he realizes the woman she’s become is far more alluring than he ever thought possible. But he also discovers she may have a few secrets and some information about his missing sister. Information he needs and would do almost anything to uncover.

Now he must decide, should he betray her by trading on the unexpected attraction between them and discover what she knows? Or could the possibility of love be worth more than anything else?

CW: Bullying

Released on October 13, 2015
What Readers Say...

"The WRITING! I can never say enough good things about the writing. There is such an effortlessness to it."

"Be prepared when you open the book to page one as this is one of those great books that you will not want to put down once you begin reading."

"Jess Michaels really develops her characters so that you care about them."

Deceived audio
Narrated by Danielle O'Farrell

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