Almost A Spinster
Almost A Spinster

An omnibus of Jenna Petersen’s wildly popular “You Tell Me the Story” online interactive novellas.

In “Her Every Desire” Lady Jane asks her old friend Wesley to do a favor for her, seduce the fiancée of the man she believes she loves. Instead he proposes that they pretend to be engaged to make the other man jealous and please Wesley’s “dying” grandmother. But what starts as a pretended engagement leads to true feelings. And a choice that must be made that could change both their lives forever.

In “A Scandal to Keep”, Felicity Ellis made a terrible decision that ruined her when she gave her innocence to a scoundrel. But after his death, his younger brother Gabriel inherits the title… and the sins of his brother and father. Felicity cannot believe the two brothers could be so different, but after they kiss, she finds herself entertaining more than just Gabriel’s offer to make amends with a marriage of convenience.

Finally, in “A Woman Scorned”, Madeline was humiliated and ruined after her engagement was broken. Now she is in the country helping her aunt with a difficult pregnancy when she is nearly run down by Nathan and his horse. He believes she is a servant and Maddie lets him continue that misconception. But they are from very different worlds, and by the time he realizes her deception, it may be too late.

Released on May 22, 2011

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