A Seduction in the Stars
A Seduction in the Stars

Formerly called A Ladies Gift for Seduction in the collection Betrothed By Christmas. The story has not changed.

Lady Evangeline is a Diamond of the First Water, but she fears her father will match her to his own advantage, not hers. She decides marrying a biddable groom is the only way to salvage her future and chooses her old friend, astronomer Henry Killam.

Henry has only ever wanted to dedicate his mind to astronomy, but his wretched father believes that is beneath him and now he’s threatening to cut him off entirely if he doesn’t come to heel. Enter Evangeline and her intoxicating seduction that turns his life on his head and offers him a chance at a future he never imagined.

As they bond over both holiday and passionate delights, Evangeline soon realizes Henry isn’t quite as manageable as she first believed and her feelings for him are stronger than she ever imagined.

Released on January 12, 2021
What Readers Say...

"I love a geeky guy and Henry is just delightful."

"...a lovable, glasses-wearing, sexy, wallflower hero, and a determined and wary heiress who fumble their way to genuine love in this steamy and satisfying story."

"...an utterly delightful story of a well-intentioned schemer and a sweet and kind cinnamon roll hero..."

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