A Red Hot Valentine’s Day
A Red Hot Valentine's Day

One fateful weekend at a country estate, a beautiful, well-bred widow is caught between a rock and a very hard place when she must choose between two deliciously irresistible lovers…in Lacy Danes’s seductive tale of courtship à la mode, Torn Desires.

Long-distance lovers Edie and Ty are counting the hours until their scorching Valentine’s Day reunion, each titillating the other with steamy letters describing their erotic journeys. And getting there is definitely half the fun in Megan Hart’s wickedly wild Get There.

Eternal damnation has its perks—especially for a voluptuous succubus who is about to receive a very special, very hot Valentine’s Day “gift” from her demon lover…in Jackie Kessler’s ode to paranormal passion, Hell Is Where the Heart Is.

London’s most irresistible rake has only one short week to prevent the woman he loves from marrying another, thus losing her forever. And he plans to do so by adeptly employing his most well-practiced arts—seduction…sensation…and erotic love—in Jess Michaels’s sumptuous feast of juicy Regency romance, By Valentine’s Day.

Released on January 6, 2009
What Readers Say...

"This story has more relationship development than most short stories. It's a very enjoyable, satisfying romance."

"By Valentine's Day by Jess Michaels is the real treat of this anthology and is worth purchasing this book just for the opportunity to read an excellent erotic story from one of the best erotic romance authors."

"Yet it was Jess Michaels' 'By Valentine's Day' that stirred me the most. I found myself routing for Colin to win Charlotte's hand, despite his reputation of being a rake."

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