A Reckless Runaway
Book 2
A Reckless Runaway

Anne Shelley has always been known as the “wild” one of the infamous Shelley triplets and never has that been truer than when she ran away with a scandalous man from her arranged engagement . She expects to be taken to Gretna Green for a hasty marriage, but instead she is dumped off on a remote island in Scotland with his grouchy cousin, Rook Maitland. She isn’t supposed to like him, but as their time together stretches out she can’t help but develop more than a passing interest in her temporary guardian.

Rook knows all his cousin’s games and he has serious doubts he’ll ever return for the fetching Anne, fool that he is. After all, the woman is fascinating and the more time they spend together, she proves to be irresistible. When she asks him to help her get back to her family, time alone on the road will lead to passions that can no longer be denied.

But Rook’s cousin has an ulterior motive for everything he’s done. And the danger that will be brought down upon their heads could destroy the love they’re beginning to develop and end their future before it has time to begin.

CW: Violence, Child Abuse

Released on February 4, 2020
This book is also available as part of: The Shelley Sisters Series Collection
This book is also available in Italian: Una fuga spericolata
What Readers Say...

"Their chemistry is explosive, and their love scenes are hot! They both leap off the pages as realistic characters. Such a good book."

"These two character(s) are steamy and very sexy together."

"A captivating story of romance, intrigue and mystery."

A Reckless Runaway Audio
Narrated by Danielle O'Farrell

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