100 Nights with the Duke
Book 1
100 Nights with the Duke

The 100th Book from 10-Time USA Today Bestselling Author Jess Michaels!

Once upon a time, a handsome duke was madly in love with a beautiful courtesan. But when his wicked grandmother manipulated him into marrying for position, rather than love, they were torn apart. Now Edward, the Duke of Lockhart, is widowed, out of mourning and ready to pursue the love of his life again, at any cost.

But Sophia Russell was brokenhearted when she lost the him before and she sees no way that it can work out this time any more than it did before. Still, Edward’s seduction is something she cannot…will not resist. So she creates elaborate rules of their affair in the hopes that this time she can keep her heart separate and not suffer when it all comes crashing down.

Passion has always been easy for these two, but love will be harder. Especially when a terrible danger becomes clear and their fight for each other becomes one they may die from if they lose.

CW: some abuse (described not on-page), violence against hero

Released on May 10, 2022
What Readers Say...

"I was engaged the entire time, and was very irritated when life interceded and I had to put the book down for a while..."

Diary of a Middle Aged Romantic

"I just LOVED this book! Jess Michaels is an insta buy for me and this one is such a worthy addition to her catalogue."

"I am such a sucker for second chance romance, and this book just stole my heart."